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Summer Camps

There's still time to register! Call Today!

Check our great selection of Music Summer Camps for kids and teens!

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Group Guitar

Intros include guitar rental!

From beginner to advanced, our group guitar programs give you the knowledge and skill to become a serious shredder!

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Kindermusik at Visionary College

One of the worlds most renowned early childhood music programs!

Children thrive on music. It’s one of the best vehicles for learning in early childhood development. Kindermusik takes musical learning to the next level; our curriculum is proven to improve a child’s brain development. And for parents, it’s a fun thing to do with kids!

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Music Funtime

Toddlers love to explore and experience music!

Toddlers love to explore and experience! Music Funtime provides a quick paced, structured musical learning environment where children and the people that love them sing, dance and play instruments. Children 14-36 months are introduced to music concepts while gaining exposure to various instruments, including the piano and violin.…

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Kids Keyboard Adventures

Includes Piano to use at home for 2 months!

From piano basics, creative games, and ensemble playing to rudiments in composition, this exciting program has everything for the young piano student. Learning piano is fun!

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Early Childhood Music Programs at Visionary College

Group Guitar Lessons at Visionary College

Private Music Lessons at Visionary College

Popstars - Group Vocal Performance Singing Lessons

VCPA is hosting the first annual Community Picnic in the Park at Lions Park on Monday, August 1 12:00-4:00.

 Food Trucks, Entertainment stage featuring bands and entertainment for the whole family. Princesses, Spiderman, Paw Patrol, Inflatables, Community Marketplace and more.

 Still opportunities available for artisans and crafters to book tables at the Marketplace.
VCPA St. Albert Picnic at the Park 2016

Kids having fun at Summer Music Camps at Visionary CollegeSummer Break-Keeping kids busy
I have to admit, I love summer and the time that my kids are home from school. As a working parent, I don’t have to rush in the morning to get lunches made and the panic of getting sleepy kids off to school. The soccer practices, tutors and all the other activities and lessons that keep the kids engaged over the winter months come to a halt and everyone is so excited that the cold months are over.

 But what do I do with my kids for two months while there is no school and I am working? Over the years I have tried different solutions, but I found the most satisfaction for my kids has come from participating in summer camps.

 The opportunity to explore different things, meet new friends and keep joyfully occupied has proven to be the best solution for my family. Summer day programs are also eligible for some tax breaks, depending on the age of the child.

My own kids have done musical theatre, popstars, drum lessons, piano camps, and rock camp at Visionary College and have had a blast while keeping occupied.  I found as the summer progressed there are still some camps that have space for registrations, at both St. Albert and South Edmonton locations. So it’s definitely worth checking out.

 -Martha Livingstone

Singer from Visionary College Camp Rockstar
The Benefits of Music Lessons Last a Lifetime

1. Music improves memory: 
When children learn the words to a song or the notes on a page, they are actually developing their ability to learn anything. The concentration that it takes to memorize translates into a lifetime of successful learning. 

2. Studying music helps develop confidence: 
Learning to play music requires efforts, the effort that is required equals a sense of accomplishment. Children feel good about being able to play music, and unlike a competitive sport, they only need to compare themselves today to what they could do yesterday. 

3. Creating music makes people feel good:
You don't need to conduct a survey to know that music is attached to peoples emotions. Songs bring back feelings and memories, both good and bad. Being connected to our feelings connects us to our humanity. In this age of detachment, being connected makes us mentally healthier. Being able to express emotions through music makes people happier and is a great release of tension and anxiety. 

4. Studying music helps children appreciate beauty:
There is a reason why most major religions have a strong music component. Children who play music have a greater appreciation for the arts of all type, and are better able to appreciate culture in all forms.

5. Playing music is a lifetime skill: 
Investing in music lessons has a lifetime of rewards. Unlike so many physical activities, music provides recreation throughout a persons lifetime. My mom played piano and sang up until her late 80's. As she became less mobile, frail and blind she could still sit at the piano and play for hours. She had an entire social life with people of all ages, built around music. 
Guitar players at Visionary College

6. Studying music develops concentration:
Children who study music also become good at other activities that require concentration, which can cross over into sports. There are studies that have linked having good rhythm with having success at sports. 

7. Studying music improves eye-hand coordination: 
 Playing piano or any other instrument requires the ability to respond quickly to what you see and hear. This improves eye-hand coordination which is transferable to other areas of a person's life. 
8. Brain Development: Music is the ONLY activity that completely utilizes both sides of the brain. Creating music is like training for the brain! There are studies constantly released that support this claim. 

9. Music  strengthens community: 
People who get together in a choir, band, ensemble or "jam" become bonded through the creation of music. When children start instruments or singing at an early age they are more likely to continue music throughout their life.

 Learning to play music makes kids smarter, but playing music they love makes them happy!

-Martha Livingstone
Martha is from a family that played music together. She is a performer, songwriter and has been teaching music in St. Albert and Edmonton to children and adults for over 20 years.  

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Early Childhood Blog

Private or Group Lessons for Preschool Children?

Are private or group lessons better for preschool children?

This is a questions that consistently comes up as parents are looking for the best program for their child. For  children up to age six  I absolutely recommend group lessons over private lessons. Children learn best in an interactive dynamic environment where they are having fun.  In a group lesson they learn so many skills that become invaluable for their whole lives. Preschool music literacy programs develop the musical ear, contribute to brain development and build a solid foundation for music. In a group program, children learn to create music with other people which is both rewarding and educational. Group piano or singing lessons encourage practise habits, as students are motivated to practise by the other children in the class. 
Music is a lifelong pursuit, the journey is just as important as the destination.

-Martha Livingstone
Director of Early Childhood Programs
Visionary College